It’s a confusing world we live in at times, especially when considering food. Today, this food is good for you, but that one isn’t. A week later it seems to be the opposite way round. It can get very confusing. Rice is one such food. Is brown rice best for you? Or white rice? Or maybe no rice at all?

A study in 2019 in India looked to answer this question. Their study group comprised of 169 adults between the ages of 25 and 65 who were overweight and asked them to eat meals consisting of white or brown rice 6 days a week over a three month period. They tested each patient’s blood to measure a variety of metrics including insuline, glucose and inflammation. The results showed that the group eating white rice had a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and the brown rice group showed less inflammation and a decreased diabetes risk.

In the US, consumer reports were concerned about the amount of arsenic in rice consumed in the United States. With consideration to a risk of cancer, research was taken out and looked at some databases containing health and diet information in some 45,000 men and 160,000 women. These individuals were cancer free at the start of the test and were tested every 4 years over a 26 year period.

The researched revealed about 24% of men and 13% of women did develop cancer. They compared participants who ate less than one serving of rice a week compared to those who ate more than 5 servings, there actually wasn’t any real difference between those who did and those who didn’t get cancer. This taking into consideration type of rice, whether people smoked or not, BMI and even ethnic background.

Eating the rice also showed no association with cardiovascular disease either.

Many other studies looking at rice showed that fermented brown rice seemed to reduce the possibility of cancer in many other body organs including the liver and colon.

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