Audubon Park Supplement Store Spokane

Chiropractic treatment isn’t the only thing we can help you with. We also have a supplement store Spokane for you to help boost your immune system and improve wellbeing.

Some of our most popular supplements here in Spokane include Complete HI D3, Glycan Renew, Greens Renew Chewable and Total VR-X.

Each has its own potential for helping the body detox, reduce organ inflammation, improve organ health and general wellbeing.

Complete HI D3

Complete HI D3 helps increase Vitamin D, a vitamin many of us are defficient in which helps overall health.

Glycan Renew

Our Glycan supplements are fanatastic for supporting the immune system, various organ systems, healthy cell proliferationa and general wellbeing.

Greens Renew Chewable

This dietary supplement helps organs such as the lungs, joints, immune system, heart, regulate glucose, detoxification and iron deficiency amongst other things.

Total VR-X

Supports a health immune system, including adding another layer of protection against Covid.

Come and see what else we offer at our supplements store in Spokane. Check out Dr Michelle Snyder’s range of immune system boosting supplements. This is just a sample she has in her practice. Come in and see for yourself.

Complete Hi D3
glycan renew
greens renew chewable