Suffer Headaches?

Electronics rule our world in this day and age. While electronics bring entertainment and fun, they are also a main reason why many people acquire poor posture. Poor posture is dangerous because it adds stress onto the neck and shoulders, which raises the risk for neck pain and headaches. With our tools and methods, you can luckily get rid of forward head posture. Let’s take a look at ways to do this, and some studies done on this matter.

A 2018 study was done where patients with forward head posture either performed scapular stabilization or neck stabilization exercises. They did these in intervals of 30 minutes three times a week for a month. Patients in both of these groups experienced posture improvements, but those in the scapular stabilization group reported even better results. 

A few other studies have also shown the same results of improving forward head posture using scapular and neck stabilization exercises. One study focused on high schoolers, who we all know have pretty bad posture because of heavy books in backpacks. They performed these exercises, and sure enough, showed improvements in posture up to four months later. 

A very recent study in 2019 was done that looked at the effect of a six week intervention featuring manual therapy or stabilization exercises. 60 women that had forward head posture were used for this study. Those who were in the crossover group, and just the stabilization exercise group had improved results when it came to forward head posture. They also experienced pain reduction, and overall improved function in the neck. The researchers conclude that manual therapy can definitely add an improvement when paired with stabilization exercises. 

Good news! We usually use these exact exercises and treatments when dealing with forward head posture. Come see us now if you want your neck pain and headaches to go away for good!

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