Spokane Chiropractor Can Help Headaches

Did you know that some 160 million work days are lost each year because of headaches? The cost of this is in excess of $50 billion to employers and medical expenses. Around 20% of headaches originate with cervical issues in the neck. These are the types of headache that our Spokane chiropractor can help with.

Spinal manipulation through chiropractic care has been highlighted in studies showing it to be one of the most effective ways of reducing headaches. However, studies have not shown how many treatments are needed until now.

A study was recently conducted on a patient base who were suffering from headaches that had their origins in the neck. 256 patients were split into 4 groups and each group either had 0, 6, 12 or 18 treatments over 6 weeks. The researchers found that over the following year, those patients who had the most adjustments experienced 16 days fewer without headaches compared with those who had no adjustments.

The type of adjustment conducted on each patient was a high velocity thrust in the neck and upper back. It is important to note that each patient is different and that this adjustment type only be used as a guideline and to take each case on its own merits.

This study helps us here at Audubon Park Chiropractic as it tells us that chiropractic treatment does help headaches (although we already knew this), it helps us determine how many visits we can expect to see an improvement on a patient’s condition and that we have a starting point on each patient and be able to treat based on the patient’s needs.

If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, do not hesitate in contacting us today. Do not go for surgery until you have tried the above. We are walk in friendly and would love to help you out of pain. Call today (509) 327-4049 or simply walk in and we will help you.