Is it a Hip Problem or Back Problem?

Hip pain and particularly back pain are two of the most common conditions that drive patients into our practice here in Audubon Park Chiropractic. They are two conditions that are often linked with one another, and often the diagnosis either blames one or the other. In reality, it’s likely that both are impacted due to their closeness to one another. Accurate diagnosis is vital for pain relief.

It is not uncommon for an issue in one part of the body to cause pain or a problem elsewhere in the body. For instance, a neck issue could result in wrist pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The pain is in the wrist, but the problem emanates from the neck. The knees also can be affected by the feet as another example. Likewise, back pain and hip pain are also closely related.

This is why we at Audubon Park Chiropractic consider the whole patient when we see these conditions. We look at patient history, provide a thorough examination and listen to our patients in order to be able to treat appropriately.

Also considered is the family history of past problems along with any injuries from prior accidents, injuries and even surgeries. Social activity such as smoking or drinking and even exercise are also taken into consideration. It’s all about trying to get an overall picture of the patient and understanding what possibilities for pain could be. The more we know, the more we can help.

We will also look at how a patient moves, walks, sits and their general overall posture. Anything that can give us further clues along with being able to make recommendations based on how a patient performs in these tasks. Exercises and stretches and any corrections to posture can also be made.

So the link between hip and back pain is very close. If you suffer from either, rest assured we will look at both areas and along with our questions and examinations will get to the bottom of the issue and treat it. That’s our goal in any scenario, to reduce your pain and help you back to a normal life.

If you are in pain, do not hesitate in contacting us today. Do not go for surgery until you have tried the above. We are walk in friendly and would love to help you out of pain. Call today (509) 327-4049 or simply walk in and we will help you.