Chiropractic Helps Neck Pain in Spokane

The second most common pain point we see in our office here in Audubon Park in Spokane is neck pain. We thought it a good idea to put together a blog post answering the question how does chiropractic help neck pain in Spokane?

Causes of Neck Pain in Spokane

The causes of neck pain are varied, but we typically see two major causes.

  1. Cervical disc lesions with protrusions onto the nerves
  2. Cervical degeneration caused by disc thinning

One overlooked reason comes from joint movement that has some kind of restriction on it. In normal function, the neck has shock absorbing discs between each joint that allows for flexible movement with these discs that also act as spacers. However, when these joints misalign or get restricted, range of motion decreases and pain often results.

If you think of the neck acting like a spring. It can flex in several directions and has a great deal of flexibility. If a small part of that spring were welded together, it was still flex and move, but its range of motion would be dramatically impacted. In the same way, when the neck is impeded in some way, it’s amount of movement lessens and pain results through inflammation.

This type of problem can be a result of a trauma, like in an accident, or just by genetics or slow dysfunction due to poor posture, repetitive strains and more.

How Neck Pain Forms in Spokane

The cycle of pain begins when there is a joint of of alignment. It can be problematic instantly or may take time to develop into something worse. As you move around, the misaligned joint begins rubbing and generates friction. This friction develops heat and the area inflames. Inflammation is the cause of pain. After a while, if untreated, the condition can get worse as the problem compounds. The area becomes more restricted, generates more friction and scar tissues form which become further inflamed and becomes more painful.

The condition can impact nerves and cause other effects such as tingling and numbness down the arms and lack of treatment could ultimately develop into arthritis.

How Chiropractic Helps Neck Pain in Spokane

There are several options to treat the pain. Anti inflammatories is one way, but this doesn’t get to the source of the problem Chiropractic helps neck pain in Spokane, and we are able to provide that help. Here are just a few ways how neck pain can be alleviated in Spokane:

  • adjustments to restore movement to the afflicted area.
  • muscle therapies to help release tight muscles
  • trigger point therapies
  • stretching exercises
  • strengthening exercises

Our Chiropractic Helps Neck Pain in Spokane

At Audubon Park Chiropractic here in Spokane, we use chiropractic adjustments to help patients with neck pain. Using the above treatments and more, we can help our patients restore function to their necks naturally and without any opioids. In fact, we are seeing a great deal many people come first to chiropractic care before utilizing other treatment methods and this makes sense. Start at the most conservative of care and try to get the condition under control and this eliminates further treatments that may have side effects such as opioids.

Even insurance companies are seeing the benefit and in some states already have signed bills into law where chiropractic care for pain should be the first thing to try before anything else.

If you are in pain, come in and see us and we will show how chiropractic helps neck pain in Spokane. Walk ins welcome.