Chiropractic care for pregnancy is something that can really help women who are having back pain while pregnant. Many people do not know that pregnancy can trigger low back pain and posterior pelvic pain. Research shows that two thirds of women who are pregnant experience back pain during their term, and a fifth experience pelvic pain. These statistics are quite high and back pain is tough, which means that these will take a toll on a woman’s quality of life and ability to live her everyday life. Fortunately, chiropractic care can help with these issues.

Research has proven that the fetus shifts the center of gravity forward in a woman’s body, this is not caused my hormones, although many other things may be. The shift taking place affects the biomechanics of the body and place more strain on the lumbar and sacroiliac joints.

A 2014 study looked at how chiropractic treatment affected 115 pregnant women with either low back pain or pelvic pain. The study concluded that 52% of women had improved improved pain and disability after only one week of care, 70%  of women after one month, 85%of women after three months, and 90% of women after six months!

Those women who had either pain before their pregnancy had higher pain scores at the end of the study compared to the women without any sort of history of back or pelvic pain. This proves the statement that women who have a history of low back pain before their pregnancy are great candidates for chiropractic care early on in their pregnancy. Continued treatment after pregnancy is also recommended.

This study was done by different chiropractors in all sorts of locations. Not one certain treatment was done either, but the most common way of treatment was high-velocity, low-amplitude spinal manipulative therapy. More research is being conducted, but with the results of this study, the use of SMT during pregnancy is going to become a norm.

You should also be aware that we utilize something known as the Webster Technique here at Audubon Park Chiropractic which is specifically designed to ease back pain for women. We have seen great success with it here at our practice and would be delighted to continue helping more and more women.

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