Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common complaint typically brought on by repetitive stresses such as desk work, sports (particularly racket sports), or even injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment options in Spokane have some primary treatment guidelines suggest conservative treatment such as manual manipulation and other non surgical methods before surgery is even considered. How to know when a person is at this point or even will react to manual treatments is key to successful recovery.

As ever, one of the best ways to understand anything is through observation and study. In this case, some researchers created a study that looked at patients after an initial evaluation of carpal tunnel syndrome and then re-evaluated them a year later after non surgical treatment. The aim of this study was to look at how manual therapies help and to discover what other factors could affect recovery.

So 49 patients who had carpal tunnel syndrome were studied. Around 37 of those had the cause of their syndrome as being occupational. Some patients even had the syndrome in both hands so the study evaluated 78 wrists and hands. Three age groups were created, under 50s, over 60s and 51 to 59 and treatments applied included whirlpool massage, ultrasound and exercises aimed at the median nerve.

The results were measured using a nerve conduction velocity test (NCV) and the study found that most patients made significant improvement. However, some did not which showed that early intervention for carpal tunnel symptoms should be treated as soon as possible. Moreover, these patients were also found to have overused their hands which led to further problems in the recovery process. The interesting aspect was that age did not seem to be a factor in the results.

At Audubon Park Chiropractic and Wellness, we too utilize many of the manual therapies on carpal tunnel syndrome that this study used. We can also suggest nutritional advice in foods which help reduce inflammation (such as fatty fish, nuts and spinach) and help you recover from carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you are suffering from painful wrists and need help, come in and see us. We are walk in friendly and have the manual therapy and nutritional skills to help you reduce your pain and to stay out of pain. We have carpal tunnel syndrome treatment options in Spokane for you.

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