A Look at Posture Problems

A large number of patients we see for chiropractic care at Audubon Park Chiropractic & Wellness have issues that could easily have been prevented simply by learning proper posture techniques. Poor posture is a huge issue and one of the most contributing factors to back and neck pain. With a few simple exercises and understanding of what proper posture is, we can really help people to stay out of pain and be healthy. Then, the only reason to come in to see us would be for maintenance and an adjustment to help prevent future pain.

Everywhere you look, poor posture is prevalent. From the shopping mall to waiting rooms. There is so much slouching, head tilted forwards and rolled shoulders and more. A great deal of research and study has investigated what poor posture does and how it places strains on the body causing pain.

Here’s some things that the studies have highlighted over the years:

  • One study showed that older adults who had rounded mid backs and pain who conducted specific exercises three times a week for an hour each time improved their spinal curvature but also their confidence.
  • Another study focused on younger adults who had rounded shoulders. They asked the study group to do shoulder stretching exercises for 40 minutes, three times a week for a month. The exercises helped to improve strength, balance, flexibility and posture.
  • And teenagers whose heads were typically further forward (perhaps from overuse of cell phones) improved their posture when neck and shoulder exercises were added to their school PE class over a 4 month period.

Moreover, the Neck Pain Task Force recommended exercises for neck pain back in 2008. Another review published in 2016 journal called Spine further backed this recommendation up and even mentioned it was good for whiplash injuries as well. Neck exercises are clearly beneficial to helping reduce pain and also to improve posture.

We too can hlep you out of pain through chiropractic adjustments and based on your pain and condition, we can suggest specific exercises you can do in your own time to help improve your own posture and nullify pain.

If you are in pain, do not hesitate in contacting us today. Do not go for surgery until you have tried the above. We are walk in friendly and would love to help you out of pain. Call today (509) 327-4049 or simply walk in and we will help you.